Recruitment Process Services

Whether you are a human resource function or a recruitment business, our recruitment process services are for you.

Atheva has the capability of offering a holistic solution or providing a tailored solution according to your business need.

Our services are divided into data service and voice service

Data Management and Back office services

  • Data population on CRM
  • Candidate or Client data generation on CRM from portals or social media
  • Job entry on CRM
  • Document upload on CRM
  • Job email sorting
  • Job posting on websites and portals
  • Data organisation – filing in folders with relevant file names
  • Vendor management system administration
  • Portal data scraping
  • CV formatting
  • Client and candidate contract creation and
  • Other solutions

Voice services

  • Reference chasing
  • Compliance document chasing
  • Timesheet chasing
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Client sourcing
  • Candidate only or client only management - 180-degree recruitment solution
  • Candidate and client management 360-degree recruitment solution and
  • Other solutions

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