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Atheva is your trusted partner in unlocking the full potential of the Oil and Gas industry through top-notch talent acquisition. In the ever-evolving landscape of Oil and Gas, having the right professionals on your team is crucial. Our unwavering commitment to providing unmatched recruitment services makes us your go-to choice. Discover how we can help you secure the best talent across various sub-disciplines, ensuring your projects soar to new heights. Explore our tailored recruitment solutions, designed exclusively for your Oil and Gas recruitment needs.

Main Disciplines

  • Geoscience and Exploration

    Key Points: Expertise in prospecting, seismic analysis, and reservoir modeling.
    Specialties: Geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists.

  • Drilling and Well Engineering

    Key Points: Proficiency in drilling operations, well design, and optimization.
    Specialties: Drilling engineers, well planners, mud engineers.

  • Production and Reservoir Engineering

    Key Points: Skill in reservoir management, production optimization, and recovery techniques.
    Specialties: Reservoir engineers, production engineers, EOR specialists.

  • Facilities and Process Engineering

    Key Points: Design and operation of processing facilities, safety, and environmental compliance.
    Specialties: Process engineers, facilities managers, HSE experts.

  • Project Management and Construction

    Key Points: Overseeing complex projects, cost control, and scheduling.
    Specialties: Project managers, construction supervisors, cost estimators.

  • Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)

    Key Points: Ensuring safety compliance, environmental stewardship, and risk management.
    Specialties: HSE managers, safety coordinators, environmental specialists.

  • Supply Chain and Logistics

    Key Points: Managing the flow of materials, procurement, and transportation.
    Specialties: Supply chain managers, logistics coordinators, procurement experts.

  • Finance and Commercial

    Key Points: Financial analysis, budgeting, and contract negotiation.
    Specialties: Financial analysts, contract administrators, business development managers.

Sub-disciplines and Core Technical Key Points


Evaluating rock properties for reservoir assessment.

Completion Engineering

Designing and implementing well completions.

Petroleum Economics

Analyzing the financial viability of projects.

Drilling Fluids Chemistry

Managing drilling mud properties for optimal drilling.

Reservoir Simulation

Using computer models for reservoir forecasting.

Process Safety Management

Ensuring safe plant operations.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Spatial data analysis for exploration.

Corrosion Engineering

Preventing equipment degradation.

Subsea Engineering

Developing underwater oil and gas systems.

Data Analytics

Leveraging big data for decision-making.

Energy Transition

Navigating the shift towards renewable energy sources.


Implementing cutting-edge technology for efficiency.

Recruitment Practices

Our recruitment practices, guided by our industry prowess, are meticulously designed to meet your unique requirements:

Technical Assessments

Rigorous evaluation of candidates' technical competencies.

Behavioural Interviews

In-depth discussions to assess cultural fit and soft skills.

Market Insight

Keeping abreast of industry trends to identify the right talent.

Global Reach

Leveraging our extensive network of candidates and employers worldwide.

Customized Solutions

Crafting recruitment strategies tailored exclusively to your project.

Atheva is your dedicated partner in assembling exceptional teams that drive success in the Oil and Gas sector. We're committed to connecting you with top-tier talent across all disciplines, ensuring a seamless recruitment process. Trust us to help you secure the expertise you need to excel in this dynamic industry. Contact us today to embark on a journey of excellence in Oil and Gas recruitment.

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